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  1. Email & Digital Communication
  2. Excel - Part 1
  3. Excel - Part 2
  4. Digital Skills
  5. Excel - Digging Deeper
  6. Make a Website
  7. Job Hunting in the Digital Age
  8. Microsoft Word
  9. Online Document Storage & Collaboration
  10. Microsoft PowerPoint
  11. What is a Computer Anyway?




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Technology for the Workplace & Everyday Life

About This Course

The workplace of today is rapidly evolving. Skills needed just a few years ago have been replaced by automation. Luckily, at the same time, technology enabled whole new kinds of work that has made employees more productive and efficient.

Most employers are looking to hire candidates who already possess knowledge of how all these technical tools work on day one. If you apply for a job without knowing how to properly communicate online, manipulate data in spreadsheets, create documents, or search the Internet you will be at a great disadvantage.

The object of this course is not just simply to teach you the basics but to make you fully proficient in some of the most heavily used software in business and everyday life. We want you to leave this course with a sense of confidence that you not only meet the baseline qualification but far surpass it.

In addition, it is our hope that this course will help spark your curiosity about technology, that you wish to learn beyond the curriculum and continue to gain new skills with our help or on your own.

How It Works

Everything produced here is designed to be done at your own pace. There won't be any formal instruction but that doesn't mean that your instructor isn't there for you. If ever you are struggling, are confused by the material, or are just plain frustrated, don't hesitate to ask for help. As a bonus, some of your classmates may be ahead of you so they can help you figure a problem that they've already solved. Better yet, if two (or more) people are stuck on the same issue then you can work together to come up with a solution.

Since these courses are available online, 24/7, you are free to do them on your own time as well.

Each module contains the following:

  • Outcomes: These are the skills that you will take away.
  • Lessons: This is the meat of the module. There are typically 2 to 4 main topics covered that are each comprised of subtopics. Some subtopics start with a video while others jump straight to the content. Clicking the "Start Course" button will take you to the course itself. Each will vary in how they are presented. Some will be purely text based, others are interactive. Once you have gone through the material return to the module page to complete any activities or quizzes.
  • Activities: Can be found in-line within subjects and are where you get to get your hands dirty. Some may be simple tasks while others are long and complex. They are designed to allow you to practice the very concepts you were just learning.
  • Quizzes: At the end of the some lessons you will see links to short quizzes usually of 8 to 12 questions. These are to test your overall comprehension of the material. Remember, we want to make sure you have solid knowledge of your new skills so it's expected that you get 100% on each.
  • Projects: The really fun part about learning a lot of new skills is getting to put them to practice. Projects are longer term in nature and will try to utilize skills not just from the current module but also those from all previous modules. They will not be totally spelled out step-by-step but will require a little bit of creativity and critical thinking. Not all modules will have them but new ones could be added over time.


There is no final or big project to turn in. The primary form of evaluation for this course is what happens in the real world. Your new skills should translate in to tangible results and improvements to the way you go about your life. Ultimately, they should help you land a solid job where you can put these new skills to work.

Having said that, you are still expected to turn in all of your activities and quizzes to your instructor.

Instructors & Contact Information

Mark Aquino

Marianna Gibbs

Kyle Brazil