English as a Second Language

New immigrants who arrive in the United States often face language barriers that impede social integration. Our ESL classes help them secure employment, get involved in their children's education, and become a stronger voice in the community.     


Vocational ESL Immersion

An intensive English language immersion program that focuses on teaching vocabulary and the cultural customs of the workplace. Included in this program is a paid work participation component. Participants progress from the lowest level of language ability to a workable knowledge of English, gaining familiarity with common workplace terminology and developing an understanding of workplace culture. This highly successful program has become a model for other cities with large immigrant populations.

English Language Training

The Refugee Cash Assistance Program (RCA) at Arriba Juntos offers refugees and asylees classes for fast language skills acquisition in comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. The program includes individualized and group instruction offering innovative methodologies and up-to-date technology for all skill levels. Students receive intensive case management providing comprehensive support to remediate any employment barriers that arise. Job search and placement services focus on students’ specific skills and interests resulting in a highly successful track record. 

Evening Basic ESL Classes

Our evening English classes are geared towards the Spanish-speaking community. Through beginning and intermediate English language instruction our students learn listening, comprehension, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills.

Additional Programs

Health Careers




The Nursing Assistant, Home Care, Home Health Aide, and Automated Office Skills Training programs have been licensed by the California Bureau for Private Post-secondary Education, more information about Arriba Juntos and BPPE is available at BPPE.CA.GOV, to operate and offer educational programs for non-accredited institutions. Download our course catalogueperformance fact sheet and annual report, “enrollment agreement”.